Rampur Deshapremik Sangha

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Rampur Deshapremik Sangha

Rampur Deshapremik Sangha has its own special history. In the earlier seventy’s a group of young & enthusiastic boys untied to organize village festivals where emphasis were given on cultural programmes to retain the social values. This continued for about five years which forced to form an organization on 13th March, 1979 and named as Rampur Deshapremik Sangha. Truly speaking this was the result of irresistible spirit of those youth guided by some great ideals. Since its inception, every year we have been regularly organizing sports & colourful cultural program consists of dance, drama, songs, recitation, eloquence competition, discussions, debate and other village traditional folks throughout a week. Being inspired by the assistance and support of the local people as well as people in general we extended our activities and in the year 1994 we registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 and started our journey as a social development organization.

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Mission And Vision


A dynamic civil society influencing policies and actions at all levels to safeguard the global environment and promote sustainable development.


To strengthen civil society partnership by enhancing participation, contributing to policy and stimulating action


Based on the ideas "No Pains No Gains" and "Self-Sacrifice"

Core Values

  • Methodological
  • Getting Knowledge
  • People's Participation
  • Sustainability
  • Objectives of Sangha

    To initiate the awakening process

    To build up the people’s organization and the capacities of the people

    To encourage development of a democratic process towards people’s solidarty

    To strengthen womenin the expression of there full potential and rightful place in the socity.

    To try integrated and sustainable models of community health and rural devlopement using, peoples participatory approsches

    To Devloped the technical skills of the peoples of the poorer section for their life style through proper & maximum utilization of the local resources

    To provide education and other alternatives for integrated development of the children, Specially the girl child

    To Organize Cultural Competition and Program to strengthen, motivate and nourish the spirit of Indian Tradition and Culture among the youths.

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    Strategy of Sangha

  • Application of improved livelihood principles.
  • Application of bottom up methodologies.
  • Networking with all stakeholders for better service delivery.
  • Promote and propagate new ideas and thoughts with great challenges.
  • Community led and people centred.
  • Online Location

    Location of the Sangha :

    Rampur Deshapremik Sangha is situated in the village Rampur under Nayaput 7 GP of Contai-I Block in Purba Medinipur. The entire area is under Contai Sub-division, about three hrs journey from Kolkata. Tamluk Sub-division and Panskura, one of the important railway junctions (SE Railways) are to the North, Odisha State and Egra Sub-division are to the West of Contai. Southern and Eastern boundaries are covered by the long coast of the Bay of Bengal.

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    Closely interconnected with the other organizational developemental programs, and monitored by the Field Supervisors through the following elements which are -

  • Scalablity and expansion.
  • Creating livelihood opportunities through livestock, agriculture, fishery      and home industries.
  • Risk management.
  • Sustainable and revenue model.
  • Understand coverage and growth.
  • Collaborations-leverage and Flexibility.
  • Cost of the subsidy.
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    Present Activities

    Creche Programme :

    With the financial support from CSWB( New Delhi) and WBSWB board we have been running one crèche unit at the house of D. Gopinathpur Deshabandhu Sporting Club under “Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Scheme” since 26th Jan, 2007 with 25 children (0-6year age group). In the month of January 2016 the scheme of the Crèche Programme has been revised in a new circular. According to this circular the post of two crèche mothers has transformed into one crèche mother and one crèche helper. They have been rendering their services for proper care to the crèche babies. The children are being supplied with nutritious supplementary food for their good health, study materials such as slates, pencils, books etc. for their learning and playthings for their amusement. According to the new circular breakfast in the morning, lunch at noon and tiffin in the afternoon is being provided to the crèche babies. They are also provided with Identity Cards for their proper identification. Monthly health check –up for the babies is done by a general physician.

    Multigym :

    With the aim of developing good health and sound body among the local youths our organization is running a Multi-gym namely ‘Rampur Health Care Multi Gym’ since 7th February 2015.

    Help & Relief :

    We have donated cash and kinds to the poor people of the locality for arranging the wedding of their daughters, to hold the funeral rites as well as to hold the shradhya ceremonies. We also sent our relief materials in different places of natural and physical disaster.

    Camp on Women and Child Development :

    With the aim of total upliftment and development awareness of women camps on hygiene, sanitation, socio-economic development , legal rights, legal aids and advices, problem related to early marriage, teenage pregnancy, polygamy, prenetal and antinetal care of child, reproductive child health, family welfare and use of devices for birth control, women empowerment, nutrational values of food items etc were organized.

    Awarness Camp on F.C.C :

    This year we organized an awareness camp on needs and importance of Family Counselling Centre ( F.C.C) among the people of the locality. In the camp the target group have been acquainted with the facilities and advantages that they can avail from the Family Counselling Centre. The camp was president over by Mr. Sibsankar Mishra, Secretary, Gangadharchak- Dewanchak Vivakananda Club.

    Camp On Awerness Generating Programme (A.G.P.) :

    This year we have organized a camp Awareness Generating Programme (A.G.P.) among the youth to make them aware on various social, economical, health, sanitation, hygiene, democratic right etc. The resource persons tried their level best to make the trainees realize their dream.

    Annual Games & Sports Competition :

    Like previous years this year too we organized Annual Games and Sports for one day on 18th March 2017 to nourish sport and Games among new generation. Many children, youths and women of the locality participated in different events such as Running race, Biscuit race, Guava race. Lejchuri, Musical chair, Balance Race, Breaking of earthen pot etc. Attractive Prizes on each event were given away to the successful participants on the evening of prize distribution ceremony on 16th April 2017.

    All Bangla Cultural Competition & Prize Distribution :

    Like every year we organized cultural competition in the name of "Sara Bangla Cultural Competition" for three days on 14th,15th and 16th in the month of April 2017 to spread cultural spirit among the people. Lot of competitors participated in various events like Drawing competition, Recitation, Classical Dance, Vocal and Instrumental, Group Dance , Reality Show on Song, Violin, Guitar etc. from different parts of Bengal. The performance of participants were judged by qualified and competent judges from Kolkata and some other part of Bengal. Attractive trophies and certificates were given away to the winners. In some of the events Cash Awards were also given away to the Champions and Runners. The Prize giving Ceremony and cultural programme was inaugurated by Swami Prarthananda Maharaj, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Contai, and presided over by Mr. Tarapada Maity, President of our Sangha. Mr. Indrajit Basu, Addl. S.P(Rural) was the chief guest and Mr. Partha Ghosh, S.D.P.O, Contai, Mr. Tapas Paul, I.C, Contai, Mr. Chandan Acharya, Reporter, Dainik Chetana Contai were the special guests.

    Health Programme :

    We have organised awareness camp on basic health with special emphasis on pulse polio, T.B., Dengue, Chicken Guinea, AIDS etc. with local sub-centres in this financial year.

    Camp On Environment :

    “To save life is to save environment” is one of the real concerns in the present day situation. Adverse consequence of environmental degradation has now been realized in every corner of the globe where global warming is a real threat to the inhabitants. Keeping these in view we have organized a camp on environment and about how to save the purity and cleanliness of the environment in total.

    Fishery and Plantation :

    ‘Trees and Fishery make more money’ is a well known proverb. With this view organization has renewed the agreement of lease of the pond for another two years and has been able to increase the production significantly. This pond is being used as a demonstration one to the community and was acting as a resource centre. We conducted orientation programme to 35 farmers on pond farming.
    Moreover , we have observed tree plantation programme on 5th June, the World Environment Day.

    Our Activities

    All Bengal Cultural Competition -2020

    Our Members

    Go to the People; Live among them; Love them; Learn from them; Start from where they are; Work with them; Build on what they have. But of the best leaders, when the task is accomplished, the work completed, the people all remark:"We have done it ourselves"

    Tarapada Maity

    Tarapada Maity

    Bidyasagar Mahata

    Bidyasagar Mahata

    Deb Kumar Maity

    Deb Kumar Maity

    Sumita Rani Maity

    Sumita Rani Maity

    Asst. Secretary
    Susanta Bhunia

    Susanta Bhunia

    Saroj Kumar Ghorai

    Saroj Kumar Ghorai

    Cultural Secretary
    Krishnagopal Manna

    Krishnagopal Manna

    Cultural Secretary